Roof Repair and Replacement

Is it time for a new roof? The question is not always an easy one to answer. Typically, roofs are replaced every ten years. But you might want to replace it sooner than that if you’re selling your home or severe storms have affected your area.


If you are selling your home, a new roof can dramatically change the look and curb appeal of your entire house. Our roofing experts have many material and color choices for you to consider.

Roof damaged?

The roofs of thousands of homes are damaged each year by

  • Hail and wind in storms
  • Falling limbs
  • Sun
  • Homeowners walking on the roof

Unfortunately this damage can surface several months later without the homeowner even knowing unless leaking develops. The insurance industry is not obligated to notify you of potential damage due to storms due to the large influx of claims for exterior damage. And dealing with the insurance companies can be painful and confusing.

Whether selling or repairing, we’ll walk you through steps of replacing your roof and dealing with the insurance company and make the whole process fun and exciting.

With a simple formula of “Do Things Right”, we’ve built a reputation as a top roofing contractor in this area. Our team is committed to building great roofs and providing quality service – a reputation that has helped our company stay strong and respected over the years. We work hard everyday to deliver beautiful new roofs, on time and at competitive prices.